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Sistemul de conversie al unitatilor de masura - de la sistemul imperial la sistemul metric (european)

1 oz. (ounce / uncie) = 28.35 grame
1 lb. (pound / livra) = 453.4 grame
1' (foot / picior) = 30.48 cm
1'' (inch / inci) = 2.54 cm

Z-MAN - HEADLOCKZ HD - CARLIG 4/0, 7 grame

HEADLOCKZ HD - CARLIG 4/0, 7 grame

Pret intreg: 34.93
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27.94 LEI

Model: HEADLOCKZ HD - CARLIG 4/0, 7 grame
Producator: Z-MAN |
Subcategorie: Jiguri
Serie: Shaky Head
Cod produs: TTHL-0341

Designed to pair with ElaZtech® plastics and to hold up to Australia's brutally strong gamefish, HeadlockZ HD jigheads are now available in the United States through an exclusive partnership between TT Lures and Z-Man! Built around extra heavy-duty Mustad® UltraPoint® hooks, anglers now can pair the toughest plastics around with equally tough jigheads. Available in a wide range of sizes and weights, HeadlockZ HD are ideally suited for everything from inshore flats fishing to bluewater jigging and are engineered to be rigged easily with and to securely hold ElaZtech plastics.

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